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Cardiac surgery is the surgical treatment for heart diseases. We focus on minimally invasive approaches whenever possible. But we are also experts on conventional heart surgery, that has been researched and tested over many years, using a median sternotomy. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have before or after an open heart surgery.


At 50th anniversary of cardiac surgery in Zurich, the chief of the University of Zurich, Prof. Volkmar Falk, said, "The level of modern cardiac surgery can hardly be compared to that 50 years ago. Today, we operate in the hybrid operating room, which is equipped with the most modern imaging technologies, and also offers all the resources of an operating room".In fact, a lot has happened over the past few years.

Cardiac surgery is becoming less and less invasive, and cardiology is becoming more and more invasive. Where the catheter used to play only a minor role, they are now pivotal for the implantation of heart valves. This is the fine line between two specialties. We must not forget that our patients deserve a sustainable result and have very high expectations of us. Accordingly, we try to best combine innovation with the researched and tested standards.

The whole heart surgery benefits from the unique approach of our HeartTeam in the area of ​​cardiac arrhythmias. We perform our cardiac surgery at two locations in Zurich: The private clinic in the park and the public city hospital Triemli (STZ). This new partnership allows us to access the excellent infrastructure of the Triemli hospital and its resources without sacrificing our personalized treatment concept.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch - we will be happy to advise you.

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Erfahrungen von Patienten

Pacemaker with atrial fibrillation - Interview
20 Years ago this patient had already received a pacemaker. For a few years back he developed atrial fibrillation without noticing it. A year ago he suffered from a syncope so we implanted a REVEAL to monitore his heart rhythm.Weitere Erfahrungsberichte
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