Surgical Ablation in Munich

In Munich, we advise patients with complex atrial fibrillation who are referred to us for surgical ablation as well as second opinions for cardiac surgery. Operations take place at the modern Schön Klinik in Vogtareuth.
Konsultationen München

Consultations und Cardiac Surgery in Munich

We conduct consultations in our partner practice. If additional examinations are necessary, we will plan these together with your heart specialist. If you need additional investigations, we can rely on various cardiological centers in Munich to plan these.

It is very important that you send us all documents in advance, preferably by email. Then we can make an exact plan and submit concrete suggestions to you.

We perform the surgical ablations at the ultra-modern Schön Klinik in Vogtareuth. At this clinic we can treat both private patients and patients with statutory insurance.

We do not perform electrophysiological ablations in Munich. These can be arranged at different locations in cooperation with other centers if necessary.

Medical Offices

In this top-equipped practice, we provide you with full consultations and also perform minimal cardiac diagnostics. We see all patients regardless of insurance class. If you are not privately insured, you have to pay for the consultation yourself.


Theresienhöhe 13A

DE-80339 München

Telphone: +49 (89) 800 322 96


Kardiale Diagnostik in München

Praxis für Herzchirurgie in München


The Schön Klinik Vogtareuth is a state-of-the-art medical center of surgical and conservative disciplines. The special focus areas (e.g. pediatric medicine, cardiovascular center, neurosurgery) make the clinic a leading regional and supraregional healthcare provider. It has the performance mandate for cardiac surgery. This is necessary for our operations. The surgical ablations are a compulsory service of the health insurance, i.e. we operate on all patients (private and health insurance). 

Prof. Salzberg is an employed physician at the Schön Klinik. He performs all procedures with Dr. van Boven and the entire team of the cardiac surgery department led by head physician Prof. Pfeiffer. Personal care is also guaranteed here.

Schön Klinik Vogtareuth

Krankenhausstrasse 20

DE-83569 Vogatreuth

Telephone: +49 (89) 8038 900


For more information please call us:

Mo - Fr from 9-12h and 13-17h 

+49 (89) 800 322 96