Mitrial valve repair

Surgical mitral valve repair is the method of choice to restore valve function. This procedure is a minimally invasive procedure whenever possible.

Two advantages of this minimally invasive valve repair technique

The procedure is very gentle as it is carried out from the side in a minimally invasive manner (without opening the chest). Thanks to a HD camera, surgeons can see the operation area on a large screen in 2-3 times magnification. The second huge advantage is the fact, that the heart valve is not replaced but is reconstructed/fixed with the body's own tissue and a prosthetic ring.

These techniques of repair offer the best long-term results and the greatest comfort for the patient. After a minimally invasive procedure, patients regain strength quickly, can be discharged home earlier, and do their rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.

The mitral valve functions as a valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle. It prevents the blood from flowing backwards when the heart beats. If the valve no longer works properly, we speak of mitral regurgitation, i.e. the valve no longer closes properly and blood flows backwards with every heartbeat. If the valve no longer opens properly, we speak of a mitral valve stenosis. In both cases, surgery is necessary as soon as certain echocardiographic criteria are met. In mitral valve stenosis, the heart valve must be replaced with a prosthesis. Otherwise we usually try to reconstruct the own heart valve. 

Watch a video about our Da Vinci assisted mitrial valve repair operations (In cooperation with the Heart Clinic)