Comprehensive Arrythmia Care

Learn everything about our practice and the different clinics where we operate. Zurich is the headquarters for Swiss Ablation and the headquarters of Herz & Rhythmus Zentrum AG.
Herzchirurgie Zürich

Consultations, second opinion, interventions and surgery

Medical Offices

The practice is located on the site of a renowned cardiology practice. Here we offer general consultations, consultations and second opinions. The close cooperation with our cardiological partners makes it possible, if necessary, to perform all necessary and additional cardiac examinations in a timely manner and thus to achieve optimal processes for referring physicians and patients.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Heart Center AG (Groundfloor), Giesshübelstrasse 45, 8045 Zurich

Telephone: 044 461 0067


Standort Praxis Swiss Ablation

Clinics and Hospitals

The physicians of Swiss Ablation are free practicing medical specialists. In Zurich we work with three partner hospitals. The private clinic Hirslanden and Pyramide, as well as the public hospital Triemli (Clinic for Cardiac Surgery and Clinic for Cardiology). This constellation allows for great flexibility and enables us to individually plan examinations/interventions and operations according to the needs of our patients.


Klinik Hirslanden

The Hirslanden Clinic is a listed hospital in Zurich with a service mandate for basic medical care. The clinic was opened in 1932 and is part of the Hirslanden private hospital group.

Electrophysiological interventions are performed at the Hirslanden Clinic. Dr. med. Thomas Zerm is accredited there as an attending physician and uses the modern infrastructure of the electrophysiological suite. Together with Prof. Salzberg, they personally care for Swiss Ablation patients.

Klinik HirslandenWitellikerstrasse 40, 8038 Zurich

 Telephone:  044 387 21 11



Klinik Pyramide

The Pyramid Clinic by the Lake is a private clinic specializing in surgical procedures. Today, it is one of the most important and exclusive providers of surgical treatments in the field of surgery. Medical excellence and nursing excellence are combined with the highest hotel standards.

Prof. Salzberg is an accredited attending physician. Pacemaker implantations, defibrillators and minor surgical procedures are performed at the Pyramid. . 

Klinik Pyramide - Bellerievestrasse 34, CH-8034 Zurich

Telephone:  044 388 15 15



Stadtspital Triemli

The Stadtspital Triemli in Zurich is the third largest hospital in the canton of Zurich and a service department of the Health and Environment Department of the city of Zurich. The departments for cardiology and heart surgery are leading in Switzerland. A very close cooperation exists with the strongest partner in Zurich for cardiac surgery and cardiology.

Prof. Salzberg is an attending physician and performs his cardiac surgery there together with the team of Prof. Dzemali (head of cardiac surgery) and in electrophysiology with Dr. Müller (head of electrophysiology) and his team.  

Stadtspital Triemli - Birmensdorferstrasse 497, 8063 Zurich

Telephone:  044 466 11 11


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