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We - the Swiss Ablation team are specialised in the treatment of heart diseases and here in particular in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, complex electrophysiology and surgical ablation in connection with atrial fibrillation.

As a Team we are here for You!

With us, your heart and you always come first!

In Zurich, we offer the entire spectrum of modern heart surgery, complex electrophysiology and surgical atrial fibrillation ablations. All patients can be treated irrespective of insurance class.

Internationally, Prof. Salzberg is also a Consultant at the following centers:

Centre Cardiothoracique de Monaco (MC) & Schön Klinik in Munich (D)

Consultations by appointment in Zurich, Munich and Monaco.

Innovative Electrophysiology

Catheter Ablation  Surgical Ablation  Hybrid Ablation

Pacemakers LAA closure

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery

Bypass Surgery Aortic valve replacement Mitral repair

Passion, Experience and Expertise

Prof. Salzberg is internationally acclaimed for his experience in the field of surgical atrial fibrillation ablations. This was the impetus to found Swiss Ablation. His longtime mentor Dr. Wim-Jan van Boven (PhD) from Amsterdam, the man behind minimally invasive surgical methods, is his surgical partner. Together they have been operating for over 10 years with excellent results and many satisfied patients. The specialized electrophysiologist, Dr. Thomas Zerm is a very experienced cardiologist, and leads one of the largest electrophysiology centers in Hamburg. He participates in all our HearTeam conferences, where all patients are discussed together and it is decided which therapy will be applied - similar to a tumor board. 

We are a small team which has been working together for a longtime and have a very broad experience. With little bureaucracy and in direct cooperation with our referring physicians, we can determine the optimal treatment for all patients (irrespective of the insurance class) individually and hold us to a very high standard. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


The HeartTeam

For the patient, the importance of the team, is clear. Each case is discussed with not only our team, but, if necessary, outside information is collected, via other medical specialties, in order to come up with the clearest, most objective, manner with which each patient’s case should be handled. The patient can relax in the knowledge that he is in the best, most capable hands, and the treatment proposed is the best suited for him, or her. This assurance, in it’s self, is most comforting when confronted with sometimes life threatening situations. One must trust our doctors, and Prof. Salzberg and his team have earned this trust over, and over again.

There are many ways to deal with all sorts of heart conditions. Whether first with medications, a catheter, or surgery – let us take good care of you. We practice the art of medicine in accordance to the latest Guidelines.

Integrated AF management team

Figure from the current 2020 ESC Guidelines: Integrated AF management team (an example). The figure shows an example of the possible composition of atrial fibrillation teams with a variety of different specialists supporting individual patients as needed. 

We are your specialists and will be happy to advise you. Give us a call!

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