1 Month After Aortic Valve Replacement

During a routine examination a murmur was detected in this young man's heart. Upon recommendation he contacted the Heart & Rhythm center where he got a biological prosthesis.

In this interview Prof. Salzberg and his patient discuss the impressions after the procedure. The Patient is a young man in whom coincidentally a murmur was detected by a Cardiologist on a routine examination in a Health Spa Clinic. This young doctor told the patient to seek specialist advice when returning home. He came to the Heart & Rhythm Center upon the recommendation of another patient of mine. We performed several examinations and adopted an aggressive approach because in the echocardiogram his left ventricle was already enlarged, and this is a sign that valve replacement should be performed.

Despite his young age, this young man, who is physically very active and travels alot did not want to have a mechanical valve. So we agreed on a biological prosthesis.