Surgical Ablations in Monaco

We also offer our expertise in the renowned Centre Cardiothoracique de Monaco. In particular, we perform surgical ablations for atrial fibrillation at this modern cardiac centre. This extension of therapy meets the needs of local patients from Monaco as well as all patients from the Mediterranean region.
Monaco Cardio Thoracic Center - Monaco

10 years experience for complex arrhythmia

The Swiss Ablation Team is also active in Monaco

Have you ever had one or more catheter ablations that were not successful? Do you want or need to stop the blood thinner/anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation? Are you scheduled for heart surgery and are you also suffering from atrial fibrillation?

In these cases we can help you. Prof. Salzberg is an attending physician at the Centre Cardiothoracique de Monaco and performs all surgical ablations there. 

Surgical ablations for atrial fibrillation

In selected patients with symptomatic persistent atrial fibrillation, surgical ablation and closure of the left appendage can be a very useful operation. We offer this exclusively at the Centre Cardiothoracique de Monaco. The operation lasts 90 minutes and is performed under anaesthesia. You will stay in the clinic for 3-5 days and can then go home after or undergo rehabilitation in one of our rehabilitation clinics.

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Contact us 

Please get in touch with us. By appointment we can see you at the Centre Cardiothoracique de Monaco or organise a Video-Conference for a first contact. Please send us you relevant medical doucuments electronically beforehand or ask your GP or specialist to do so. 

Phone: +33 (4) 93 94 35 51


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