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Swiss Ablation is focused on your heart. Arrythmias are our core competence. Patients from all over Switzerland and the world entrust their HEART to us. This expertise is based on classical cardiac surgery and electrophysiology.
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Swiss Ablation is a center of excellence

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of cardiac surgery, Prof. Salzberg was able to establish this innovative center of excellence in 2019. The team is strengthened by two internationally recognized colleagues. Cardiac surgeon Dr. Wim Jan van Boven (PhD) brings many years of experience as a cardiac and thoracic surgeon. He invented the procedure of minimally invasive ablations himself. New catheter based therapies could be integrated in the team by Dr. med. Thomas Zerm, a very experienced electophysiologist from Hamburg, and thus offered to the patients. Thus, we can provide complete rhythmological care for all patients from a single source. 

Our HeartTeam meetings are used for decision making and enable us to offer therapy free of conflicts of interest.

We are present at three locations. 


  • Range of Services
    Complete Spectrum: Heart Surgery, Electrophysiology, Hybrid Procedures and Cardiology
  • Medical offices
    Affiliated with the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Heart Centre AG
  • Clinics
    Stadtspital Triemli: Heart Surgery & Cardiology
    Klinik Hirslanden: Electrophysiology
    Klinik Pyramide: Pacemakers und small surgery

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  • Range of Services
    Surgical ablations (including hybrid procedures) and heart surgery
  • Medical offices
    At the Theresienwiese in the center of Munich 
  • Clinic
    Schön Klinik: Surgical ablations (including hybrid procedures), Heart Surgery

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