Comprehensive cardiology and arrhythmia care center

Emfpang Praxis im Puls 5 - Zürich

We specialize in cardiac arrhythmias especially atrial fibrillation.

Our focus is on the treatment of persistent or complex atrial fibrillation, from diagnosis to treatment.

At our center in Zurich, we offer state-of-the-art cardiology and electrophysiology. We have a new hybrid operating room and a very modern recovery area. Preparation, treatment and aftercare are provided by our interdisciplinary team of highly specialized physicians and nurses.

What is an Ablation?

Ablation refers to the circumscribed application of energy (heat or cold) on diseased tissue in the heart at a very precise location. This is mostly done with a catheter through the groin and  serves to stop cardiac arrhythmias in the long term. Different techniques are available - this is our core competency.

Our Services

The Swiss Ablation Center in Zurich

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Publikumsvortrag 2023

Wir besprechen mit Ihnen vorbeugende Massnahmen, moderne Abklärungsverfahren und neue Therapiemöglichkeiten von Herzrhythmusstörungen.

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